On the Road to Recovery: Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Program

Alcoholism is a disease affecting not only the addicted person, but also his friends and family. As of 2007, 7.8% of those older than 12 years of age needed treatment for an alcohol addiction. Treatment of the ailment is paramount to getting back on ones feet and reclaiming a healthy mental and physical state. The  National Library of Medicine defines alcoholism as a form of drug addiction, and this is why many alcohol rehab programs are also associated with recovery from other drugs.

How to choose among the alcohol rehab facilities available

Alcohol rehab facilities can vary in the methods they use to help the addict to recover. The level of severity of the drinking problem and the presence of any other substance abuse. The treatment selected should design a program to assist the drinker to attain long term sobriety based upon his drinking habits, medical needs, and personal preferences. If a problem with alcohol is suspected based upon the presence of certain symptoms, then it might be time to choose from one of the alcohol rehab facilities across the nation.


An in patient alcohol rehab program can be the most intense type of program for a person suffering from alcoholism. While it is a hard and detailed program to complete, it can sometimes be the most beneficial for someone who is trying to change his or her lifestyle. When considering a place for alcohol rehab, many addicts choose an in patient center because they can help with the important first step of detoxification. They also can offer therapy and help 24 hours of the day. Many alcoholics find a comfort in knowing there are professionals around them to help and observe everyday.

What to Look for in an Alcohol Rehab Facility

Effective alcohol and drug rehab centers all have similar components which seem to contribute to their success rate: individualized program, strong support and bond with staff, group therapy, medical intervention if needed, and motivation for the patient. By addressing both the mental and physical aspects of addiction, successful programs look at how the disease has effected the entire person, including how it has impacted his working habits, social life, and relationships. 

Rehab Program Counselors & Addiction

Addiction is a disease that can be costly to its sufferers. Not only can those addicted to drugs and alcohol go into debt from their disease but they can also lose their jobs, lose their friends and the support of their family and also experience trouble with the legal system. The consequences that addicts can face as well as the support of family and friends can sometimes be just the push they need to attend a drug alcohol rehab program.


Some alcohol abusers may turn to a natural alcohol rehab center to help them in their recovery path. These rehab centers mainly believe that alcoholism is a disease that has to do with the chemistry of a person’s body and not with their genetics or brain function. These centers turn to natural supplements that can alter the body’s chemistry and may be able to halt the addiction.

Out-patient vs. In-patient - Which is Best? 

When a family has someone who drinks, they might not think too much of it. Millions of people drink every year without it causing problems, but for some, simple drinking habits can turn to alcohol abuse. This puts the person at risk for becoming dependent upon alcohol, and by then, his or her body is physically addicted to it. When an addiction is present, suddenly stopping one's drinking can result in withdrawal symptoms which can range from mild to severe and last up to one week during the body's detoxification. The level of addiction or abuse the drinker has can help him and his family to choose the best program for alcohol rehab: outpatient or inpatient.