Some alcohol abusers may turn to a natural alcohol rehab center to help them in their recovery path. These rehab centers mainly believe that alcoholism is a disease that has to do with the chemistry of a person’s body and not with their genetics or brain function. These centers turn to natural supplements that can alter the body’s chemistry and may be able to halt the addiction.

According to the Health Recovery Center, a natural alcohol rehab center, simply talking about the disease with counselors and addiction specialists is not enough to help an alcoholic for the rest of his or her life. In order to rid a person of the disease, natural rehab centers believe informational therapy sessions should be held on a daily basis. The treatment center also usually run lab tests on their patients to see where the biochemical mishaps are in their makeup and how they can be fixed. Once these mistakes in the biochemical make up are found, the natural alcohol rehab center uses their knowledge of orthomolecular medicine to prescribe the supplements needed to correct these mistakes. According to Dr. Pauly of the Health Recovery Center, these supplements are able to allow an addict to regain stability and sanity naturally. The addict then doesn’t feel the strong need or craving for alcohol anymore.

Along with the prescribing the natural supplements, a natural alcohol rehab center also focuses on therapy sessions that address the patients’ need for usefulness and meaning in their lives. The group therapy sessions are generally not too personal in detail and include lectures and informational speeches from the therapists. The rehab centers try to maintain a “low stress” meeting with the group therapy sessions in order for all the patients to stay relaxed and coherent throughout the session.

According to, some alcohol rehab centers don’t like to confine their patients to the 12 step program or an in-patient rehab program. Some offer at home treatments, allowing patients to follow along with the program from the comfort of home. These programs also generally suggest that their patients take supplements such as St. John’s Wort or Kava-Kava to keep their mood and brain stabilized. A natural alcohol rehab center that offers an out-patient program may also offer its attendees a therapist from the facility who can visit their home daily. A daily therapy session can help an at-home attendee to stay on track with the program and ask any questions as needed. While most of the treatment throughout the program can be offered at home, a successful detoxification may need to take place at a local center before the program can begin.

A natural alcohol rehab center offers its patients informational therapy and suggestions on supplements that will help brain function and mood stabilization. Some of the facilities offer out patient programs that can be completed at home. While these centers may be helpful for alcoholics to control their addiction, specific facilities should be researched before an abuser decides to attend the program.